Hate going to church? Skeptical of church? Been burned by a church? Interested in movements and not institutions? Try out Pangea Communities.

Pangea Communities - a movement of peace, justice, and hope is a brand new Anabaptist faith expression in Seattle, Wa. If you worship with us, you might compare our "style" to the following fusion: Mennonite theology (yeah, we're kind of peaceniks), Anglican liturgy (we take the eucharist every week), contemporary music (and not cheesy either), and engaging preaching (relevant and hopeful).

We're a group of skeptics, mystics, activists, and dreamers - all hopeful that a better world is possible. Our faith community desires to foster a safe environment to ask hard questions, explore spirituality, engage in community with others, and seek peace and justice in our city and world. 

We have two modes to our gathering rhythms each week: the Sunday Gathering and Missional Communities. On Sundays we share stories from our communities, explore spirituality through ancient practices like liturgy and Holy Communion, sing songs, learn from hope-filled sermons, and rally around a shared value: love. 

At our Missional Communities (which meet in homes), we center our relationships on living on mission together. The mission isn't to beat our friends over the head with the Bible, but to discern tangible ways to make our neighborhoods better places. We also eat potluck style meals, support each other during good and bad times, seek personal and communal transformation, and party...often. Within Missional Communities we seek to live counterculturally—all for the sake of the flourishing of our our world. 

One thing people often wonder is: Will this faith community be a "fit" for me? There's only one way to find out—come hang with us on a Sunday or during the week!

If you’ve been burned by the church, we might be a fit. If you long for authentic relationships guided by love, we might be a fit. If you seek mystery more than a rock concert (although we like our music), we might be a fit. If you're a religious misfit, we might be a fit. If you've followed Jesus your whole life, we might be a fit. If you long for a faith rooted in transformation and activism, we might be a fit. If status quo pat answers rub you the wrong way, we might be a fit. If you want to be part of a community where everyone's welcome, we might be a fit. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty for our city, and connect with like-minded folks—we just might be a fit for you.

Tuesday Nights (Missional Communities) & Sunday Nights (Worship Gathering 5pm)

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